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My Story...

I am a momma of a handsome little guy and a pretty cool wife to my husband Shaun.

I love traveling, exercising (most days), cooking, and riding motorcycles. My favorite night involves family, friends, pizza, and a whiskey with cherry coke. Has to be Cherry!

​I offer a relaxed, fun, down to earth experience to clients throughout the Central Valley and beyond. I provide an experience that captures all those beautiful moments. I consider myself just a cowboy boot wearin’ girl with a camera and an eye for awesome moments.

​I offer a wide range of photography services focused on professionalism, creativity, and just having a FUN time! I really focus on those candid moments. I am your hype girl!

The essence of what I deliver, is photography that creates an emotional impact. I fully capture those moments that might otherwise be forgotten. 

​I am your advocate! I coach you, help you relax, and just be yourself while we create the most amazing images you can imagine. All while having fun! You are the stars of the show! FYI, I have tons of patients for littles as well.

​I am committed to providing you with an experience that will preserve each and every moment of your time with me.

​Thank you for considering The Good Life Photography.

Myself and my family appreciate your business more than you could ever know.

​Trisha Dean




We are a silly family!

Trisha, Dominic, & Shaun with our pups, Ziva & Zoey

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