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​Trisha Dean



I'm a mom to a dapper little dude and the better half to my main dude Shaun.


When I'm not jet-setting, breaking a sweat, whipping up culinary delights, or cruising on motorcycles, my ideal evening involves family, pizza, and a splash of whiskey with cherry coke.


I bring a chill vibe to my photography, capturing all those magical moments for clients across the Central Valley and beyond. Just a gal in cowboy boots armed with a camera and a keen eye for epic snapshots!


My photography services are all about professionalism, creativity, and keeping it real with those spontaneous moments. I strive to craft images that tug at your heartstrings and freeze those fleeting beautiful moments in time.


I'm dedicated to ensuring your special day is immortalized in every shot. Thanks a bunch for choosing The Good Life Photography. My family and I are beyond grateful for your support!


We are a silly family!


Trisha, Dominic, & Shaun with our pups, Ziva & Zoey

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