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Where do I start complimenting Mrs. Dean? 
If you have a toddler, you know how hard it is to capture, what we think is... "the perfect picture". I honestly believed the perfect picture would be my two year old and I dressed to the "T", prim and proper, perfect poses, stiff like boards. Boy, was I ever wrong! Trying to get a two year old to pose in a pumpkin patch is like trying to give a cat a bath! I'm pretty sure I had a mild panic attack Just trying to keep an outfit on my daughter! I left the session almost in tears and giving 1000 apologies. Little did I know, the result of this session would be some of my most cherished memories of my daughter and I just how we are. All the barefoot and beautiful, genuine smiles. The picture of my daughter running, carefree, dirt all over her perfect dress and me, smiling away in the background. I have to say, the pictures are what brought me to tears. Thank you for capturing the perfectly, imperfect us Trish! Your view changed mine. You have an eye for photography and compassion for kids that surpassed my expectation. You are Highly recommended!


—  Heather Shows